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Case Studies

Please read below for case studies at Firvale Community Hub


A local man came to the drop in session at the centre at the time he was in difficulty with his financial situation regarding benefits. When I stated talking to him I realized it was not just his benefits which he was struggling with. He was a vulnerable gentleman and his emotional wellbeing was affected. He was talking about how much he is struggling with life, how he lives alone besides from his dogs and how his wife died from cancer and that he has had suicidal thoughts.

I took time out to talk to him I arranged an appointment for him to come back and see me. I went through all his paperwork, I appealed a decision for employment and support allowance and got him Jobseekers Allowance in the mean time until we heard about the appeal. He told he was involved in a motorbike accident which had left him with chronic pain and suffers from depression and anxiety so I also requested a Personal Independence Claim form.

Whilst I was talking to him he started telling me how he was a business man and his passion for classic cars and now he has nothing to live for. I asked him to see his local G.P and to arrange some counselling.

Mr X came to see me 2 weeks later as he had received the Personal Independence Form; I made an appointment for him to return to have it completed. I spoke to him briefly about how he was doing he seemed better but was still struggling. I reassured him that he had no need  to worry and that I would be dealing with all his benefit issues and that he did not need to worry about that side of life and to concentrate on his emotion and mental wellbeing.

Mr X came to the appointment I had arranged to complete the Personal Independence Form and seemed a lot happier and more confident about life. He told me that his appeal was with the decision maker and that he had signed on for JSA for 2 weeks but then found work and did not want to claim P.I.P any longer.
He told me just the fact I listened to him had helped him massively. The fact I took away the worry of benefits and paper work from him as I told him I would be dealing with all that and that he was not alone helped him. He was extremely grateful for everything the centre had done for him. When he left the centre he was a different man to the one that had come that first time.

Health Champion Volunteer
"Volunteering as a health champion from the Roma Slovak community I welcomed the opportunity to promote both physical and mental wellbeing within my community, my community has a lack of health education and there were many unemployed and facing challenges around health and employment".

A group of males were brought together discussing topics around overall exercise and the benefits for ex. healthy heart, reducing blood pressure, improving mood. The group has been well supported and knowledge around the health benefits has helped with health education.

One member of the group stated "I have enjoyed making friends" another "I feel more confident" another “ I feel more fit " the whole group has enjoyed coming together socially.

The health champion is part of the Roma Football team and is now on level 1 coaching training helping to extend his skills and knowledge of health to a group of Roma youths aiming to start an under 13 years FC.


Springboard Social Cafe Volunteer


Having moved recently from Gambia to Sheffield England I was able to improve my English by attending sessions at Firvale Community Hub the local community centre in Page Hall.  This was a fun way of learning and I met new people from all cultures.

I was asked if I would like help women improve their health and wellbeing by volunteering.  I had never been offered this opportunity before so was a little unsure but then thought “Yes go on do this”.

I am now helping women from my own culture and also from other cultures to improve their health & wellbeing through the benefits of nutrition, healthy foods and exercise.  We enjoy the sessions so much and I am now qualified in Lead Walking. I am learning basic computer skills, first aid and other training  is scheduled. I use to work in a petrol station in Gambia but this is so much more rewarding and a great opportunity to shape my career path.

Most of all “It  is an amazing feeling to know I am helping other women, working alongside other volunteers, being part of this  amazing work I am so happy.”


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